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Digital Media Craftsmen
Have a story to tell? We're here to help.

Just as visually arresting design makes more memorable messaging, a well told story stirs the imagination and, when done well, leaves an indelible mark on your audience.

This is what we do for a living:

Building emotional connections with our audience, by unfolding unforgettable stories through our digital media content.

Our Team

Our Clients

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Affiliation & Partners

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Short Films &
Video Productions

To us, making films and videos is more than capturing moving images. It is about flawlessly translating a thought and inspiration into sights and sounds that resonate with our audience. We persisting tirelessly in film production, giving our best in writing, developing, producing, shooting, editing, refining and everything else that is needed to produce the perfect work.

What We Do

3D CGI &
Visual Effects

Our expertise in computer generated imagery comes into play when we need to make the impossible, possible. From the creation of fictional characters to visualizing architectural designs, our capabilities in such technology propelled us to a whole new level of visual storytelling. 

2D Animation & Motion Graphics

We never limit ourselves on our approach in storytelling. Our 2D animations and motion graphics department have always hard at work. Providing the finest quality works to local and overseas clients. We are also in the midst of crafting our own animation IPs, giving our best to tell good stories that are memorable to many generations to come. 

2020_All4One Team Member_Ken.jpg
Ken Fu
Managing Director
2020_All4One Team Member_Geo.jpg
Geoffrey Sinn
Art Director
2020_All4One Team Member_Nelson.jpg
Nelson Yap
Executive Editor
2020_All4One Team Member_Johnny.jpg
Johnny Wong
2020_All4One Team Member_Angel.jpg
Angel Sandra
Creative Executive
2020_All4One Team Member_YS.jpg
Y.S Tsen
Production Assistant



Building Emotional Connections
Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling

Contact Us

We are here to help!


+6088-396 807

Unit C-2-8, Block C,

2nd Floor, Metro Town,

Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja,

Off Tuaran Road,

88300, Kota Kinabalu,

Sabah, Malaysia.

Thanks! Message sent.

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